Honda Malaysia kicks off 'Gen H' campaign for hybrid models – roadshows in KL, Penang, JB next month –

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Honda Malaysia (HM) has launched a campaign for its hybrid tech and models called ‘Gen H’, with the ‘H’ representing ‘Honda, Hybrid and Hype’. The company will have a nationwide roadshow “to share the joy and fun of Honda’s hybrid technology with Malaysians”.

At the Gen H events, one will get to experience Honda’s e:HEV hybrid technology used in the City, City Hatchback, Civic and HR-V. All the e:HEV models are top of the range variants in RS trim. The roadshow will have fun fair rides, arcade games, workshops, F&B, graffiti art by local artists and an ‘immersive area’ with interactive activities.

The roadshow will be happening next month and will kick off in Johor Bahru at the Linear Park, Taman Desa Tebrau, June 3-4. It will then head north to Penang’s Juru Auto City on June 10-11. The finale will be at Stadium Bukit Jalil’s Carpark C on June 17-18. Entrance is free.

“Honda Malaysia was the pioneer in introducing hybrid technology to Malaysians 19 years ago when we offered the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology in the Civic Hybrid. Response to the IMA technology was positive and we went on to introduce the Sport Hybrid i-DCD in 2017 in the City and Jazz hybrid models which were value for money, fun to drive and performance driven, catering to the mass market. This effectively changed the perception of hybrid cars among Malaysians,” said HM’s MD and CEO Hironobu Yoshimura.

“Today, the technology has evolved significantly, with the latest in our advanced hybrid technology, the e:HEV, a two-motor hybrid system providing powerful performance and efficiency at the same time while keeping to the fun-to-drive DNA of Honda,” he added.

Today’s e:HEV hybrid powertrain works very differently from the IMA and i-DCD, with much more miles covered without the ICE, resulting in significantly better fuel economy.

The 1.5L e:HEV powertrain was first introduced to Malaysians in 2020 with the City, and it was a world debut for the sedan’s RS e:HEV variant. HM then rolled out the e:HEV for the City Hatchback and HR-V in 2022.

The latest and most powerful version of the technology debut in November 2022 with the Civic FE. The 2.0L powertrain makes 184 PS/315 Nm, and trumps the Civic Turbo in both 0-100 km/h acceleration (7.9 seconds vs 8.3 to 8.5 seconds) and fuel consumption (4.0 litres per 100 km vs 6.3 litres for the turbo) for a win-win.

To date, HM has sold more than 2,800 units of City with e:HEV tech, over 1,600 units of the City Hatchback and more than 2,600 units of the HR-V Hybrid. Close to 600 units of the Civic e:HEV have been shifted.

“For more than 30 years, Honda has been researching and developing electric powertrains for EVs, fuel cell vehicles and hybrid vehicles. This is because Honda’s ultimate aim is to 
achieve carbon-neutrality and offering electric and hybrid powertrains is seen as an essential part of the battle. As the world progresses in automotive technology, Honda’s goal is to develop vehicles that are fun to drive and have a unique appeal to customers,” HM said in a statement.

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