Hoonigans Turn Race Car Bed Into A Real Car

The Hoonigans are about to make every kid’s dream come true.

It’s safe to assume that most car enthusiasts wanted a race car bed as a child. In this latest episode of Garage Garage (yes that’s the actual name), Dan Sommer comes up with a genius idea: turn a race car bed into an actual car, running and everything. The car bed used in the project is none other than a Ferrari Testarossa. Before the madness begins, Dan and the other Hoonigans had to figure out what was going to power the car bed. Looking around the shop for potential candidates, they found a shifter kart laying around.

With a possible power unit in hand, the guys try to start the 125cc engine to make sure it runs properly. After checking for spark and adding some fuel, Dan tries to fire it up and the motor just doesn’t seem to come alive. Thinking that the carburetor could be the culprit, fellow Hhoonigan Casey volunteers to inspect it and clean it out if necessary. With the carburetor opened up, Casey found a tiny clog which he then cleared out. Dan then proceeded to fire up the engine and it came alive without a hitch.

Shortly after the motor fired up, HHIC (Head Hoonigan In Charge) Ken Block made an appearance and got a first-hand look at the latest Garage Garage project. After a few chuckles while wrapping his head around the crazy idea of building a bed-car, Block mentioned that his kids were going to be quite excited to see it completed. He also wondered why Dan didn’t want to opt for the much faster 250cc motor. Dan then explained he wanted to live and not die while driving it, which makes a lot of sense.

Lastly, the wheel wells were cut to make way for the wheels and tires. The shifter kart’s frame was also extended to fit the length of the bed. Considering this is just the first phase of the race car bed project, Dan and the gang are off to a pretty good start. We look forward to the next installment of the series, but for now, that’s a wrap.


Source: TheHoonigans via YouTube


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