Hyundai RN22e revealed – previews potential Ioniq 6 N EV with 585 PS, 740 Nm, AWD; 250 km/h top speed –

You’ve already met the Hyundai N Vision 74, so now let’s focus on another “rolling lab” that was presented during the recent N Day 2022 presentation. This is the RN22e, which can be described as an even more potent version of the Ioniq 6 presented at the end of June this year.

As Hyundai says in its official release, “RN22e melds the all-new Ioniq 6 and the company’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E?GMP), while setting a new standard in high-performance EVs.” If you ever wondered what an Ioniq 6 N might look like, this is probably it.

Featuring an all-wheel drive electric powertrain, the RN22e’s dual motors provide a total of 585 PS (577 hp or 430 kW) and 740 Nm of torque – the same figures as the Kia EV6 GT. Power comes from a 77.4-kWh lithium-ion battery that supports both 400-volt and 800-volt charging, with the latter enabling a 10-80% state of charge to be reached in under 18 mins.

Compared to a regular, top-spec Ioniq 6 with the same Long Range battery (also 77.6 kWh) and AWD powertrain that is rated at 325 PS (321 hp or 239 kW) and 605 Nm, the RN22e boasts a superior top speed of 250 km/h versus 185 km/h. Hyundai didn’t disclose a century sprint time but expect it to be less than 5.1 seconds.

Besides the electrifying grunt available to the driver, the RN22e is also referred to as a “corner rascal” and comes with features that are found on current N models, including an e-LSD (also fitted to the EV6 GT) and Corner Carving Differential.

The company also used 3D-printed parts to keep the weight down, while also adding on a distinctive exterior package to enhance the RN22e’s racetrack capability. Notable cues include a more substantial front grille, a vented bonnet, wider fenders with intake/outlet channels, a large rear diffuser and a prominent wing.

These revisions, along with a lower ride height, give the sporty EV a meaner look as well as improve cooling and aerodynamics. The dimensions have changed slightly too, with the RN22e measuring 4,915 mm long (+60 mm), 2,023 mm wide (+143 mm), 1,479 mm tall (-16 mm), although the wheelbase is the same at 2,950 mm.

Another performance-related enhancement are the four-piston monoblock calipers and 400-mm hybrid brake discs so the RN22e is able to withstand the weight of its electric powertrain. This also helps the company study how to deliver dynamic movement with regenerative braking that precisely controls yaw and corner attack.

Finishing touches include N livery and N Sound+, the latter being a system that generates sound from the interior and exterior speakers for a dynamic driving feel. Hyundai adds that there’s also N e-shift that integrates the vibration and shifting feel with N Sound+ to add to the emotional drama of driving the EV.

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