‘I’m a car expert – my wing mirror toothpaste hack keeps them clear in the rain’

A social media influencer has revealed a way that motorists can avoid raindrops from blocking the view on their vehicle’s door mirrors.

The TikTok user Mister Ryhan regularly posts short videos to his page, with some informing viewers on how to get the most out of their car.

In one of his most popular videos, Mister Ryhan informs viewers that they can prevent water from staying on the mirrors by using toothpaste.

In the video, he starts by spraying the mirror with a glass and mirror cleaner, before wiping it down, in order to remove any dust or dirt.

Then, Mister Ryhan applied a small amount of toothpaste before rubbing it in using a microfibre cloth.

Once the mirror was clear again, Mister Rhyan covered his car’s mirror with more water to demonstrate that the toothpaste stops drops from staying on the surface.

Whilst fluoride, typically found in toothpaste, is often known for fighting plaque, the cleaning agent reduces friction on the surface on the mirror.

As a result, it is much more likely that raindrops glide down the mirrors, keeping them clear to improve visibility.

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However, other experts have revealed that the trick can also be used for a number of other motoring applications.

Toothpaste can be applied to vehicles with scratched or cloudy headlamps in order to improve the look of the vehicle and improve the effectiveness of the lights.

Additionally, it can be used to revive tired-looking leather seats and on the windscreen to prevent misting when driving during the rain.

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With over 1.7million likes and 62,000 bookmarks, many viewers commented on Mister Ryhan’s video with other uses for toothpaste.

One motorist wrote: “This is why you should put toothpaste or dishwashing liquid on goggles before using them. Of course, rinse it first.”

Another noted: “Me trying to fix a scratched disc when I was 10.”

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