‘I’m a car YouTuber – there are so many hidden features in this new Audi EV’

A popular automotive YouTuber has taken a look at a number of interesting hidden features found on one of the latest fully electric Audi SUVs.

Doug DeMuro posts reviews of the latest models and classic cars to his YouTube channel, with over 4.5 million viewers regularly watching to see his take on each model’s ‘quirks and features’.

In one of his latest videos, Doug takes a look at the new Audi Q8 E-Tron Sportback, stating that one of its many features can help owners when charging up.

He explained: “One very interesting quirk of the Q8 E-Tron, it offers dual charge ports. You can see one over on the passenger side where you can, of course, plug in and charge, but there’s also one over on the driver side where you can plug in and charge.

“Audi says this is to ease parking. If you pull up at a charger on one side instead of trying to run the cable over the hood, you can just plug in on the other side and make life easier. I’ve never really seen that before, certainly interesting.”

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Doug added that the Audi Q8 E-Tron Sportback recently received a larger battery, meaning the car is now capable of a range of up to 296 miles per charge.

Other new features include a sleeker front grille which features a new Audi logo and an LED light bar and the model’s name etched into the B-pillar, between the front and rear doors.

Inside, Doug also praised the amount of space for rear occupants and in the boot, particularly for a coupe-style SUV.

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Later in the video, Doug showed viewers that the Audi has a hidden wireless phone charger, located between the front seats.

He added: “Also in the centre, one thing that I like is the wireless charger in this car. It’s not particularly unusual having one, but the way it’s done is cool. It’s vertical, rather than horizontal, which takes up more space.

“And it has this little strap to keep your phone from moving around. So, it doesn’t really take a lot of space and your phone won’t get jostled around going over a bump and fly off the charging pad, it’ll stay put in its little area here. It’s good thinking.”

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Finally, Doug highlighted an interesting hidden feature found within the touchscreen that can make selecting a destination on the sat nav system an easier experience.

He continued: “You go into navigation and search for a destination and the lower screen will turn into a keyboard or you can write out your destination, where you want to go, on the lower climate screen.”

Doug added that, whilst the lack of any physical buttons to control features such as the climate control or radio may put some motorists off, the two touchscreens are very responsive and well laid out.

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