Jaguar I-PACE Deliveries Will Exceed 400 In October In Norway

I-PACE opens new opportunities for Jaguar in Norway.

Preliminary registration data indicates that Jaguar I-PACE becomes one of the most popular cars in Norway for the month of October 2018.

So far, some 563 new I-PACE were registered in the country, including 423 this month (and it could further grow).

It seems that only several models will finish with a stronger result, like the Nissan LEAF (over 1,400 and over 13,000 YTD) and Volkswagen e-Golf (over 1,000 and over 6,600 YTD) as well as BMW i3 (over 540 and over 5,000 YTD).

The important thing to note is that during the first nine months of 2018, Jaguar registrations in Norway were at just 343 – including 140 I-PACE and 203 ICE models. In all of 2017, it was just 299 ICE Jaguars.

In other words, I-PACE puts Jaguar in Norway on the track of very fast expansion that couldn’t be dreamed of if relying on conventional models.


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