Jeep Concept Freedom Fan Render Could Pass For The Real Deal

It offers a coupe-like interpretation of the Cherokee, with shades of the Jeep Yuntu Concept thrown in for good measure.

Designing new cars is easy. We’ve all done it at some point or another, likely during a very dull lecture in high school or college. Designing new cars that are actually good is much harder, which is why we’re so blown away by this fan-rendered Jeep from Antonio Paglia on Bē It’s officially called the Jeep Concept Freedom, and it’s easily one of the most comprehensive fan designs we’ve ever seen.

For starters, Paglia didn’t just create a couple of views detailing his vision for a new Jeep. We have a few renders in a gallery below, but you’ll want to visit his Bēhance page to see all the angles and depictions because they are truly amazing. The detail of this design in phenomenal – observe how the body lines for the lower side intake matches the body line further up at the rear fender, then further up still with the rear pillar. Speaking of body lines, there are lots of them in this edgy design and for us, most of them work very well. It manages to be sleek and chunky at the same time, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

We also like how this design actually looks like a Jeep. We’d say it’s a futuristic view of a Cherokee, and that grille with narrow headlights are spot-on. We can spot some influence on the front clip from the Jeep Yuntu Concept, a design the automaker revealed last year at Auto Shangahi in China. It certainly adopts more of a coupe-crossover look with a sloped roof, but if we didn’t know differently, this could easily be mistaken for a concept coming from the designing minds at Jeep headquarters.

If we had to nitpick, we’d say the side glass is far too narrow to be practical, and the wheels are a bit bonkers as well. Also, the doors don’t appear to offer much room for ingress/egress, but hey, it’s a concept. Things are supposed to be a bit on the wild side, and from the knife-edge body lines to the colors, that’s exactly what we get here.

A big thanks to Paglia for letting us feature some of these images. Keep up the great work!

Source: Antonio Paglia at Bē

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