KTM, Lotus, and Porsche GT4 Cars Now Available in RaceRoom Racing Experience

Track day racing fans, rejoice. Earlier this month Sector3 Studios made the bombshell reveal that GT4 cars were coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience. Now all three cars are available for purchase in the PC sim.

KTM and Porsche were the first up to bat with their respective efforts. While the X-bow and Cayman Clubsport MR were sound complements to each other, neither would go without further competition. The Swedish studio revealed a third contender soon after: the Lotus Evora. Between the three, it’s going to be a tussle for outright track prowess and brute speed.


The update is available today. Weighing in at a hefty 2.8 GB, it does a fair share more than introduce the class. For starters, in addition to the three GT4 vehicles, there’s now a GT2 variant of the P4/5 Competizione.

Sector3 has also reworked the way it approaches driving assists. In single player events, any enabled assists (and its level) are at the players discretion. Assists in multiplayer sessions will depend on the host as usual. Competitive scenarios will continue to offer the “novice”, “amateur” and “get real” options.

Each car costs $4.50, or 399 virtual Race Points (vRP). In terms of featured liveries, the Clubsport MR has 29 to choose from, the X-bow brings in 22, and the Evora has only 7. For those looking to bypass all the fuss, all three vehicles (and the liveries) are available in a pack for $12.39 — 61% off the normal price.

For the full breakdown on everything included in today’s update, have a closer look here. In the meantime, we’re headed out to the track to give all three a spin!

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