Lexus Seizes Toyota's Efforts To Enter EV World With UX 300e

If its controlling brand had an EV in China, why not Lexus as well?

We have often written how air-cooled batteries are not a good idea for electric cars. A more robust management system is recommended to keep the battery pack going for more time. Yet, Lexus decided to have one in its UX 300e, which is now for sale in Europe. It was even kind enough to invite InsideEVs to have a first contact with the car at the Portuguese Airforce Base 6 in Montijo, close to Lisbon. It was a fast experience, but a telling one.

The UX 300e only exists because Toyota needed an electric car in the Chinese market. Its partners in China – GAC, and FAW – probably urged the company to have these options. So much so that the electric C-HR is sold there with this name and also as IZOA, as we mentioned a while ago: both companies wanted to sell an electric compact SUV.