Lightning Systems Introduces Mobile DC Fast Charger For Roadside Assistance

This is a battery-powered DC fast charger, on wheels.

Lightning Systems announced this month a new solution for EV roadside assistance – the Lightning Mobile DC fast charger, envisioned for installation in vehicles or trailers.

The power output of up to *80 kW DC (CCS1) and the 192 kWh on-board battery energy storage seems enough not only for the long-range EVs but also for bigger vehicles like trucks and buses.

*80 kW according to press release, but 50 kW according to specs.

Optionally, there might be also an AC Level 2 output of up to 19.2 kW. The input, on the other hand, is AC Level 2 up to 18 kW so a full recharge would take more than 10 hours.

In an example implementation, Lightning Systems presents the Lightning Mobile deployed in the Transit 350HD cargo van, but it can be a different vehicle or even on a trailer.

“Equipped with 192 kWh of high-energy-density, liquid-cooled DC battery storage in a package designed to be installed in a vehicle or trailer for mobile deployment, Lightning Mobile can be rapidly deployed to provide fast roadside charging to support the operation of electric fleet vehicles. The mobile charger also offers the capability to recharge EVs on their routes, like a fighter aircraft being refueled in-flight, which allows fleets to maximize vehicle uptime.”

While not in use, the Lightning Mobile might be used as an energy storage system to shave peak electricity consumption.

Tim Reeser, CEO, Lightning Systems said:

“Every fleet with electric commercial vehicles will benefit from mobile fast charging. Uptime is the name of the game for fleets. While operators will schedule vehicle duties to include depot-based charging, there’s always the chance that a vehicle will need a top-up at another location or en route. There is also often the need for DC Fast Charging at locations or times that may not already be permitted or where demand rates would prohibit fast charging direct from the grid. Lightning Mobile fulfills all these needs.”

Lightning Mobile DC fast charger specs

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