Mazda restoration programme for first-generation MX-5

Mazda launched a programme for the restoration of the first-generation MX-5 last December, which gives participating cars a full factory visual and mechanical restoration. Now, after approximately two months of restorative work, the first NA MX-5 to have undergone the programme has emerged.

Owners of the first-generation car, Nishimoto Keiji and his wife Marimi purchased their car in 1992, and they had recently planned to do up his roadster. Nishimoto applied to be a part of Mazda’s restoration programme upon finding out about it, and the company selected Nishimoto’s car to be the first official recipient of the makeover following previous tests on similar cars.

The process was carried out at Mazda’s Engineering & Technology centre in Hiroshima, Japan, where customer car restorations take place. First, an inspection was done to determine what was required, then the car was dismantled and stripped of its paint. The entire process is documented, with before-and-after photos taken. After the work is complete, Mazda gives the owner a book that details the restoration.

“People who like Roadster, please do it, by all means, you may feel that it is relatively high compared to the new car price, but if you can keep on dozens of years from now on, you have to do it. I think that it is worth it,” said Nishimoto. Beyond the full restoration service, Mazda has also resumed production of NA MX-5 parts, including the Nardi wood-rimmed steering wheel, soft top and even the original Bridgestone SF325 tyres.

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