Mercedes-Benz EQS, EQE And EQS SUV Spy Video

Four test prototypes were seen together.

Mercedes-Benz seems to be getting more serious about pure electric cars these days, as the company is switching to two new stand-alone EV platforms – EVA and MMA.

In the short video above, we can see a convoy of four prototypes, of three upcoming models – two EQS (scheduled for 2021), one EQE and EQS SUV (expected in 2022), all based on the EVA platform for large cars. There will also be an SUV version of the EQE as well.

Those cars might be really interesting models to consider. In the case of EQS, it’s a real contender for the Tesla Model S in Europe, as the range will be as high as 700 km (435 miles) WLTP. Of course, the Model S is not that luxurious.