Mercedes Employees Getting Up To $6,760 Bonuses This Year

Daimler is known as one of the automakers that are most generous to its employees when it comes to annual bonuses. It was one of the very few companies in the entire world that gave its workers a “corona bonus” as compensation for the “personal and economic burdens” throughout 2020. Now, it’s time for bonuses again and it seems that Daimler employees will enjoy a great Christmas gift, again.

According to an official press release published by the German automaker, the board of management and the General Works Council have agreed to pay an annual bonus of up to €6,000, which corresponds to approximately $6,760 at the current exchange rates. The dividend will be available to eligible tariff-scale employees only in Germany.

“Our company’s extraordinary development is a team achievement,” Sabine Kohleisen, responsible for HR at Daimler AG, comments. “I would like to wholeheartedly thank all of the colleagues who contributed to this accomplishment with their great dedication. Because last year wasn’t easy, I’m delighted that we can pay our employees a record profit-sharing bonus.”

Interestingly, Daimler’s financial results for 2021 haven’t been released yet, but the company is confident it’s had a great year despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the chip shortage, and a few other factors that affected the automotive industry negatively. Mercedes says approximately 100,000 employees will receive their bonuses with their regular salaries for February 2022.

From the beginning of the year to the end of September, Mercedes delivered 1,617,508 cars worldwide which represents an increase of three percent over the same period last year. One of the surprising best-performers was the new S-Class with 62,306 sales in nine months, up 45 percent compared to last year.

Source: Daimler

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