'Micro But Many': A big book about very small machines is coming soon

A big book about very small machines is coming next year.

Just about every Micro Machine will have its own page.

A big book about Micro Machines is coming out in 2020.

Hasbro is currently working with a toy developer to create new Micro Machines.

Bitmap Books is a small U.K. publisher that produces titles about vintage video games.

Micro But Many will trace the history of toy company Lewis Galoob.

Micro Machines are coming back, but ahead of Hasbro’s relaunch of the beloved miniature vehicles from the 1980s and 1990s something even more lavish will be up for grabs, something that may cause one to splurge on old Micro Machines before the new vehicles get here. Micro Machines are soon getting their own glossy coffee table book, profiling over 1,000 vehicles and going behind the scenes with the people who created them. And by profiling we mean that just about every Micro Machine will get its own page with a large photo, history, rarity rating, technical specs, scale information and trivia. 

Micro Machines appeared on the scene in the late 1980s thanks to Lewis Galoob Toys Inc. and quickly conquered toy stores and supermarkets with hundreds of different miniatures and dozens of media properties. The lines started out with miniature cars but quickly expanded to ships, airplanes, spaceships and intricate playsets. In the 1990s the lines expanded to include various science fiction film and movie properties, peaking in popularity by the second half of the decade. The company was eventually bought by Hasbro in 1998, getting even deeper into the Star Wars toy universe, but faded from stores in the early 2000s when interest in action figures and sci-fi toys waned. 

Micro Machines have been on hiatus for years with the exception of some (small) comebacks—Hasbro still owns the company—and in January of this year Hasbro partnered with Wicked Cool Toys to develop all-new Micro Machine vehicles.

As nostalgia for all things ’90s continues to snowball, this upcoming book promises to be very timely and very detailed.

The format alone sounds like a recipe for wasting weeks spent slowly leafing through this book from morning till night, and that’s kind of the point: Bitmap Books, the boutique publisher, produces glossy, gorgeous, phone book-thick tomes about vintage video games that are created to a money-no-object standard. Bitmap has produced just 12 books so far focusing on vintage gaming history, software and hardware, so the very small and non-electronic Micro Machines will be a bit of a departure for the company.

“Bitmap Books is dedicated to producing the very finest products and uses the very best printers working to the highest standards. The books themselves are bound using thread instead of glue for maximum durability and, where possible, include special bonus features, such as metallic inks, bookmark ribbons and spot-varnished dust jackets. To ensure that your book reaches you in pristine condition, we take the utmost care when it comes to postage and packaging.”

The book, titled Micro but Many: an unofficial Micro Machines collection, will be released in 2020. Pricing is expected to be announced closer to launch.

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