Mopar Shows off Its 1,000HP 426 Hemi V8 Crate Engine Called the Hellephant

Apparently, someone at Dodge thinks the Hellcat is a bit underpowered. To rectify this, Mopar is coming to the rescue with a brand new crate engine it took the wraps off of at SEMA 2018.

Called the Hellephant, it’s pretty much the definition of an excessive engine. Clocking in a 426ci (7.0L), it also comes with a supercharger whirring away as well. Together, this combination puts out a whopping 1,000hp and 950lbft of torque. It also makes it the first crate engine from Mopar to cross into the quadruple digits.

All this excess is for a good reason though since it pays homage to the original 426 Hemi. Launched back in 1964, it first found its way into the Plymouth Belvedere NASCAR. From there it took to the streets in cars like the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Fury.

Back then, the 426 Hemi made just 450hp. It was also huge and quite heavy. This quickly earned it the nickname the “Elephant Engine”.

Now the Hellephant is paying tribute to that nickname. But unlike its ancestor, this new engine focuses on lightness.

To keep the bulk down, the block is all aluminum and comes from the Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. The heads are also aluminum for further weight savings.

Rather surprisingly, the Hellephant is pretty much plug-and-play too. This is thanks to a specially designed kit that allows installation to go seamlessly.

To showcase the new Hellephant, Mopar also unveiled a new 1968 Charger Concept as well. Called the Super Charger, it’s a fitting debut vehicle for the beefy engine. Like the Hellephant’s name, it combines the old with the new.

From the Hellcat, the Super Charger gets its six-speed manual transmission and wheels. It also borrows the Hellcat’s headlights and mounts them behind the grill for a blend of styling.

The Hellcat isn’t the only Charger lending parts either. From the Demon, the Super Charger gets its hood scoop and front splitter.

There’s further FCA parts bin scavenging too. The steering wheel comes from a Viper and the exhaust tips are courtesy of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio – which uniquely mount in the tail lights.

In addition to showcasing the new engine, the Super Charger also honors another milestone in model’s history. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary for the Charger, which first hit the road in 1968.

Unfortunately, Mopar did not list a price for the Hellephant engine at this time. But it will hit the online catalog sometime early next year.

In the meantime, you can check out the clip below to hear the Hellephant make its music.
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