Motorhome owner has parking fine cancelled after council gets rules wrong – ‘common sense’

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Motorhome driver Marc Jon Ward received a fine after parking across two bays in the Milehouse Park and Ride car park in Plymouth. He said he was parked just over two bays – which details on the council website said would not result in a fine.

Despite this, Marc was fined £50 anyway by Plymouth City Council.

This was on the grounds that he had parked across more than one parking bay.

He appealed the fine twice because he felt he had not breached any of the parking rules – and eventually had it overturned.

He pointed to the guidance for long vehicle and motorhome owners wanting to park in Milehouse Park and Ride on the council’s website.

It states: “Parking is available in this car park for motorhomes and long wheel-base vans (i.e. those vehicles that will occupy more than one space as long as they are parked within the marked bays). 

“No payment is required for parking at this location.”

Marc said he was annoyed at the parking ticket, especially since he was doing what the council’s website advised.

He continued saying: “Having carefully read the Plymouth City Council’s website before deciding to park, we stayed within the lines and it clearly states long vans are allowed to overhang within the lines.

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“I came back to my motorhome to find a ticket for this exact reason. 

“I’m shocked they’d do this as many motorhomes use this car park and it’s literally advertised on the Plymouth council’s website as the one to use.

“I don’t take the mickey with it,” he told Plymouth Live.

The motorhome was parked there from 8am until 4pm and said before leaving he checked to make sure where he had parked his motorhome was suitable.

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After the council was contacted, it realised its mistake and cancelled the penalty charge notice.

It has also amended the council website to make clear there are no designated motorhome bays at the Milehouse car park.

A Plymouth City Council spokesperson said: “All vehicles at Milehouse Park and Ride must be parked within a single marked bay.

“If your vehicle is longer than a standard bay our advice would be to use Coypool Park and Ride, where we recently introduced eight 12-metre long bays for motorhomes.

“There are no designated motorhome bays at Milehouse and we have amended our website to make this clear. 

“We will also be cancelling this customer’s PCN.”

Commenting on the cancellation of his ticket, Marc said: “At least common sense prevailed.”

He added that he felt “happy with the outcome”.

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