New DVLA shock scam: Drivers falsely told their vehicle is ‘no longer taxed’ in new email

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DVLA experts say they are “investigating the matter” after being made aware of a new email demanding drivers retax their vehicle. The message states that a driver’s vehicle is “no longer taxed” despite one road user proving their car was still valid for the road.

The new fraudulent email even suggests drivers should “use a credit card instead of a debit” when updating their details.

The message even includes a link where drivers can “LOGIN” to their account and update their details.

The email is made to look official with a subject header declaring the message comes from GOV.UK and is a new invoice.

This even comes with item number and date to make it appear as if the message was sent from an automatic database.

The message contains various grammar mistakes and typos which is a clear indication that the email is fraudulent.

In a screenshot, the message reads: “This is an automatically generated email.

“Please do not reply as the email address is not modified for received mail. Your vehicle is no longer taxed.

We have generated a new invoice, and we suggest you to use a credit cars instead of a debit, to avoid any other consequences that might appear in case again won’t be enough funds inside.” (Sic)

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In a reply to the shocked road user, the DVLA confirmed the message was a scam and should be removed instantly.

A statement from the agency said: “I can confirm that the message is a scam, please delete the email.

“I have passed this information on to the team investigating the matter. Thanks for sending us this information.”

DVLA services have been hit by a range of scams over 2020 as fraudsters desperately search for ways to secure personal information.

Earlier this year, the DVLA reported that there had been a 20 percent increase in scams over the last three months of 2019.

This equated to a massive 1,538 reports made to the DVLA proving how much of a major issue fraud emails are for the agency.

The reports show that suspected web, email, text or social media scams were up from 1,375 in the same period in 2018 showing a steady increase,

The agency has previously warned that scammers are targeting customers with links to services that do not exist.

DVLA security spokesperson David Pope has revealed all official tax refunds are “generated automatically”.

He warns that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is before urging drivers to use GOV.UK has the “only trusted source”.

Mr Pope said: “All our tax refunds are generated automatically after a motorist has told us they have sold, scrapped or transferred their vehicle to someone else so we don’t ask for anyone to get in touch with us to claim their refund.

“We want to protect the public and if something seems too good to be true, then it almost certainly is. The only trusted source of DVLA information is GOV.UK.

“It is also important to remember never to share images on social media that contain personal information, such as your driving licence and vehicle documents.”

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