New Renault Master Prototypes Spied With Diesel And EV Powertrains

The current-generation Renault Master is a workhorse for many markets outside North America. It’s also 13 years old, and while work vehicles generally don’t follow the same update schedule as mainstream vehicles, it’s still ready for an upgrade. New spy images of three test vehicles confirm the upgrade is well underway.

This is only the second time we’ve caught Master test vehicles out and about. Our first sighting in January was fraught with snowy conditions, causing the photos to be a bit blurry and grainy. Renault is still deep into winter testing, but this time our photographer had clear skies and as such, we’re treated to detailed shots of the Master strutting its capabilities as a chassis cab wearing both van and flatbed structures.

Speaking of the cab, let’s zoom in for a close look. Camouflage wrap is still heavy, but we can spot the outline of the new grille and headlight arrangement.  It seems the grille won’t dip quite as far down, but it will stretch to the sides and meet with high-mount headlights. With the camo wrap in place, it looks like there’s a big smile on the Master’s face.

Moving further back, the door windows look a bit smaller compared to the current model but retain their overall shape. Unfortunately, the camera position isn’t close enough for us to glimpse the interior, but it’s impossible to miss the charging port on one of the vans. Our sources say this is a full-on EV, and it could have slightly different styling on its face as a result. Aside from the large charging port above the front wheel, the grille outline under the camo wrap isn’t as prominent.

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The prototype flatbed gives us a unique opportunity to literally see what’s under the skin behind the cab. Large leaf springs with a solid axle are easy to spot, and this model appears to be front-wheel drive as we see no driveshaft or rear differential. That confirms a transverse layout for the engine will continue into the new-generation model. All-wheel drive options will be available, and though Renault already offers an electric version of the Master, this one will be designed from the ground up to use batteries and motors. Opting for internal combustion should still get you a diesel engine.

Our spy sources expect a debut in 2024, so we still have a long stretch of prototype spotting ahead of us. When the reveal finally happens, this could be a 2024 or 2025 model depending on the timing.

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