Nissan Max-Out EV Roadster Concept Goes From Virtual to Actual Reality

As more automakers are transitioning their vehicles to align with the EV future, some of them are finding that this is a great time to shake things up and possibly offer designs that they haven’t before or have previously left behind. In 2021 Nissan revealed its “Ambition 2030” vision which was effectively a roadmap of the EV offerings—in concept form—that may come down the production pipeline by 2030. Nissan revealed several concepts during that time including an EV pickup truck called the “Surf-Out,” a SUV concept called the “Hang-Out, a small crossover concept called the “Chill-Out” which may be a glimpse at a future Leaf EV, and a roaster called the “Max-Out” which grabbed our attention the most.

These concepts were simply renderings when first revealed back in 2021 but Nissan decided that the Max-Out concept needed the physical treatment and built physical model to be put on display at its global HQ. The original rendering of the Max-Out seemed to be inspired heavily by TRON with a grid motif that accentuates the “grille” and headlights and stretches across what would be the “hood” and into the interior.

The physical model takes the motif further by extending it to wheel covers that display a tube-like pattern which results in a trippy optical illusion. Furthermore, it almost looks as if the covers are illuminated like they are screens. Nissan hasn’t provided much detail about the Max-Out’s functionality but if they told us that the user can change wheel cover designs on the fly, we wouldn’t be surprised.

The physical model was built for the Nissan Futures event which is set to kick off on February 4th and continue until March 1st, 2023. The event will include weekly panel discussions that include topics like Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) initiatives and EV battery reuse. The discussions are designed with the goal of “engaging an open dialogue” with Gen Z consumers and experts about sustainability, economy, innovation, and culture.

As those discussions commence, the Nissan Max-Out EV roadster concept will be on display for the duration of the event.

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