Nissan Reveals Frontier Sentinel Truck That Packs LEAF Batteries

Nissan just turned the tables on EV announcements and revealed a semi-electrified pickup truck!

Well … sort of. It is for sure electrified, and also has LEAF batteries, but it’s not truly electric in the most positive sense. However, it’s a drastic step in the right direction!

The Nissan Frontier compact pickup truck seen here is an electric variant (at least in some sense of the definition) using two LEAF battery packs. The concept was just revealed at the 2018 São Paulo Motor Show. Nissan specifically designed this new concept to help with rescue missions and deal with the challenging Brazilian outback terrain.

The all-new Nissan Frontier Sentinel will utilize two Nissan LEAF battery packs within its cargo bed area. The bed has extra space for multiple storage drawers and additional equipment. However, those LEAF batteries do not propel the truck. Rather, they provide electricity in emergency/rescue situations. Sadly, this is still a gas-burning Frontier.

The truck bed features a heavy-duty roll bar. The pickup truck also employs a unique platform, which is designed to accommodate a drone landing atop the truck’s cabin. Moreover, the new sort of electrified Sentinel has a special lighting system and a snorkel for those that may plan to take it across deep water.

The truck concept features black leather with bright yellow accents and seems to be reasonably comfortable and upscale, despite the fact that it’s designed as a rescue fleet vehicle.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that automotive companies will be competing hardcore in terms of utility vehicles in the very near future. This includes pickup trucks and larger SUVs. Let’s hope that soon the batteries found in a truck like this actually power the vehicle, rather than just provide juice for emergency situations.

Source: Nissan Brazil via Green Car Congress

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