Nobe 100 EV Is Literally Climbing The Walls For Support

Oh, the unbearable lightness of being an EV…

When we first talked about the Nobe 100, it was trying to raise € 1 million on the Funded By Me crowdsourcing platform. We have no idea if the objective was met, but Nobe has started a new crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo and is climbing the walls for support. Literally.

The company has revealed a new system that allows the car to be parked on walls with the help of rails. But there is no information whatsoever on how it works. As there is no info on why Nobe is seeking precisely US$ 100,000 in its crowdfunding campaign.

Will that money be put in developing the “wall parking” device? Will it help build another prototype of the car apart from the two we see in the IndieGoGo videos? That just cannot be used to have the so-called Nanofactory Nobe intends to build to produce this nostalgic trike.

So far, the campaign has not made more than 2 percent of that goal. Perhaps precisely because there is so little info on the plans, on production schedules, and so forth.