Opel Presents Next Generation Corsa In Swedish Lapland

Electric version to be available right from the start.

Opel is on the last straight of development and testing of its new 6th generation Corsa subcompact model, which so far found more than 13.6 million buyers since 1982.

The German manufacturer recently shared photos and videos of a heavily camouflaged Corsa, tested for several months in Swedish Lapland, around 40 km south of the Arctic Circle.

The latest update is not focused on the electric version, but the Opel eCorsa (and Vauxhall eCorsa) are coming right from the start.

The schedule envisions sales starting this summer, and first deliveries of Corsa this fall, which means we should see the first eCorsa in customers hand in Q3/Q4.

The car will be produced in Zaragoza, Spain, using general PSA Group’s eCMP platform, which you can find also in Peugeot e-208 and DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. The specs for the eCorsa should be similar to the e-208:

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