Opulent Mercedes Arocs 8×6 Motorhome Can Take You Anywhere In Full Comfort

The Arocs isn’t among the most popular models from Mercedes-Benz. It was introduced back in 2013 as one of the company’s heavy-duty trucks aimed at the construction sector. It is available in a number of different bodies and with two, three, or four axles depending on the application with a weight ranging from 18 to 41 tonnes. While it may not be as good-looking as, say, the new Mercedes SL, it has a family of diesel engines with a power of up to 625 horsepower and 2,200 pound-feet of torque. 

One of the Arocs’ most unexpected applications comes in the form of an ultra-luxurious motorhome. What you see in the gallery below is the so-called SOD Peak 8×6, which is based on the four-axle model and built by Stone Offroad Design, a German RV company headquartered just south of Munich. It is surely one of the most opulent recreational vehicles we’ve ever seen and the firm says it offers “sophisticated, robust technology, remarkable performance, and absolute comfort for driver and passengers.”

Gallery: SOD Peak 8×6

We see this RV as the perfect home on wheels for a young and wealthy family. There’s a large double bed in the rear of the living area plus two foldable single beds. There’s also a shared kitchenette and dining area with a bazillion of cabinets in the upper section. Probably the most impressive “room” in the SOD Peak 8×6 is the bathroom with what appears to be white marble.

The technology behind those beautiful surfaces is also very impressive. There’s a 1.6-kilowatt solar system and a 150-amp generator to ensure self-sufficiency. Also, you can find a 264-gallon (1,000-liter) freshwater tank and a 4.22-gallon (16-liter) hot water boiler. For even better efficiency, the waste heat from the engine is used for heating, while there’s a separate air conditioner, a diesel heater, and underfloor heating for when the vehicle is stationary.

Speaking of the engine, in this configuration, the diesel mill has six cylinders and an output of 530 hp. The SOD Peak 8×6 can take you literally anywhere thanks to a cyclone air pre-filter and a fuel pre-filter. Additional transmission and steering oil coolers ensure no situation will be too tough for the adventure truck. Ensuring the driver is always in full comfort, meanwhile, is a massaging driver’s seat. Other cool features include an air suspension, parking camera, and cruise control.

The starting price of this absolutely awesome motorhome is $1.857 million (1.7 million euros) in Germany. The same company also sells a smaller 6×6 version of the same model, as well as many other Mercedes-based products, including a Unimog-based off-road RV.

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