Parking chaos sparked after pedestrian stands in space to block other cars

Parking can cause chaos at the best of times, but the lengths that some people go to reserve a space can turn a regular situation into a tense encounter.

Frustrated drivers have taken to using traffic cones, wheelie bins and even trolleys filled with rocks to ensure no one takes their spot.

One angry motorist has taken to social media to question whether she was being unreasonable after an encounter at a hospital car park took a dramatic turn.

Writing on the Mumsnet forum, the motorist explained that she was circling an extremely busy hospital car park, seeing a small car pull out from a bay.

However, as she and her partner approached the parking space, they noticed a pedestrian standing in the space.

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The pedestrian said she had claimed the space for her husband and “pointed to a car literally on the other side of the car park”.

She added: “I was pretty stressed about my appointment and essentially told the woman that she was completely out of order.

“This wasn’t in the spirit of the law of the car park and we would happily block the space.”

The driver said she was so furious with the situation that she would be willing to continue blocking access and take the fine to prevent her from parking there.

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The pedestrian eventually moved only when her husband arrived in the car and convinced her to move.

The situation sparked anger from other commenters, criticising the pedestrian for trying to claim the parking space.

One commenter, using the nickname DarkDarkNight, said: “No that is ridiculous, you can’t stand in a car park space to claim it, especially in a hospital car park of all places.”

Another, SuperSange, commented: “Absolutely unacceptably. I’ve had similar happen to me and if you drive really slowly at them, they move.”

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However, a handful of commenters pointed out that anyone in that situation may be under pressure, especially when the rest of the car park is full.

A commenter using the handle Nordicrain, said: “Well no, it’s not within the spirit of car parks. 

“But equally you don’t know what they were therefore or how stressed/worried she was about the appointment. People do strange things when they are scared.”

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