Perodua hits 500,000 EEV milestone – EEV plant produced 344,000 Axias, 130,800 Bezzas, 75,800 Myvis

Perodua has achieved a significant milestone with over 500,000 Energy-Efficient Vehicles (EEV) produced and sold in Malaysia. The landmark figure firmly cements the automaker as the country’s top EEV company.

Perodua president and CEO, Datuk Dr Aminar Rashid Salleh said: “Our EEV journey began in 2014 with the Axia, the nation’s first EEV and our first Transformation model. We followed up just two years later with the Bezza, our first EEV sedan and then the new Myvi in 2017. I am proud but humbled to announce that since their respective launches, 342,600 Axias, 130,000 Bezzas and over 75,000 new Myvis have found homes in Malaysia to date.”

Since the EEV classification was introduced in the 2014 National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014), over 344,000 Axias, 130,800 Bezzas and 75,800 new Myvis have rolled off the production lines at Sungai Choh.

To qualify for EEV status, a vehicle must meet or surpass a set fuel economy figure (measured according to the UNECE R101 standard) for its kerb weight. The Axia, Bezza and new Myvi all have rated fuel efficiencies of over 20 kilometres per litre.

And it’s not just the products – the Perodua Global Manufacturing Sdn Bhd facility, which manufactures the Axia and Bezza, is also Malaysia’s first EEV-certified plant, incorporating energy-efficient technologies to reduce production emissions and set new standards in quality, cost management and delivery.

“The frugality of our vehicles contributes to very low running costs, as well as being in line with the government’s aspirations towards a cleaner and greener Malaysia, and the global trend towards more fuel-efficient cars. Most crucially, the vehicles themselves are within reach of most Malaysians,” Datuk Dr Aminar said.

“These combine with the Perodua hallmarks of high quality, reliability, practicality, ease to drive and the biggest service network in the country to provide a great-value mobility package that is perfectly suited to Malaysians from all walks of life.”

“To all Malaysians, thank you very much for making Perodua your brand of choice. Your unwavering support throughout the 25 years we have been operating encourages and motivates us to do better for you. After all, we are a People First company first and foremost,” he added.

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