‘Proving Grounds’ jumps right into the action

There’s no shortage of televised car content — from drama-laden restoration shows to shows about driving and adventure like “Top Gear.” That means it’s hard for a new show to enter the world and carve out its own identity. Well, the new kid on the block — NBCSN’s Proving Grounds borrows some tried and true car show staples — namely three hosts with varying degrees of driving experience — but gives the viewer a different enough experience to make them want to come back.

The most surprising part about Proving Grounds' first episode is that it jumps into the action immediately — instead of introducing the hosts and navigating through some arbitrary team-building exercise that forces the viewer to learn about the hosts’ history, the group pits a Ford Interceptor police car against its track.

After a short discussion about the Leh Keen’s lap in the cop car, the group moves onto the Honda Civic Type R, which will run the same course. There’s a brief introduction of the car that explains why it’s such a capable front wheel drive performance machine. Then, like the cop car, Keen puts it through the paces.

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