Rare James Bond car sells at auction for £720 and makes over £700 profit

Billion Pound Bond Street: James Bond car makes £300,000

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A very rare Corgi 007 ‘Goldfinger’ Aston Martin DB5 toy car sold at the Canterbury Auction Galleries last month with the previous owner making a sizeable profit. Despite the auctioneer’s estimate of £200 to £300 the car fetched over £700.

The original toy came with several additional gadgets.

These included a working passenger ejector seat and “secret service” paperwork.

However, over time many of the toys became damaged and the cool gadgets became lost.

That’s why nowadays the original version of the toy with all parts included can fetch eye-watering prices.

The toy taking part in the auction had all the elements present, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it sold for £720.

This was £711 more than the original price that stood at 10 shillings (£9) in 1965.

The news comes after real-size James Bond cars were auctioned off at Goodwood Festival of Speed last month.

An Aston Martin DBS Superleggera from 2021’s No Time To Die was on sale at the end of June.

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Though the DBS Superleggera that featured in No Time To Die wasn’t actually Bond’s car, it did belong to 007.

The owner originally purchased the vehicle for £250,000.

The car drew huge attention at the festival and sold for £414,000 including premium.

This Aston is a surviving example from a batch that was destroyed.

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To the new owner’s disappointment, the vehicle is not hiding machine guns, smoke screens, ejector seats, or bulletproof shields.

On top of that, all it had to do in its scenes was look great on an Icelandic highway and kick the tail out at an airport.

A Land Rover Defender SVX also featured at the Goodwood auction.

The SVX was described as the “big Bowler motorsport-developed, knobbly-tired monster”.

Its starring scene saw James Bond being chased down a snowy mountain in Spectre in pursuit of his kidnapped love interest Madeleine Swann.

Thankfully, the Defender was in a far better condition than the cars seen on screen, after taking a battering by an aircraft.

Only 10 of the “bigfoots” were ever produced, with seven surviving the making of the film.

The incredible vehicle comes with arches, wheels, rope and a cage.

Potential buyers were warned that if they were interested in the piece of cinema history, it would set them back between £150,000 and £200,000.

In the end, the car was sold for £155,250 including premium.

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