Rented parking bays must be open to all after 6.30pm

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has stated that parking bays rented by business operators must be opened to the public after 6.30pm. This comes following enforcement operations conducted recently, whereby officers discovered several rule violations by shop owners, as reported by The Star.

For instance, ramps outside car workshops should be the removable type and not be a permanent fixture. These ramps can only be placed over rented parking bays leading to the shop’s entrance from 8am to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday.

“The parking bays must be vacated for public use after 6.30pm,” said MBPJ treasury assistant accountant Zay Iskandar, who added that some operators painted red boxes over council parking bays to show they’ve rented it, but some have done so illegally.

“The city council has a record. We found a shop that faked the red marker on the parking bay. We told the shop owner to rent the bays or face serious implications such as revoking their business licence,” he said. It was also discovered there are some that continued using bays even through the rental period have expired over two years ago.

Other infractions include painting over the yellow parking bays with black paint so motorists are tricked into thinking there were no parking spots available in front of the shop. The council often received complaints from the public on the lack of parking bays, Zay noted.

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