Royal Enfield Sells More Than 70,000 Bikes In October

Sales of Royal Enfield motorcycles continued on a positive sentiment in October, with total sales volumes exceeding 70,000 units. In all, Royal Enfield sold 70,451 motorcycles in October 2018, although growth over the same month a year ago remained flat. The festive season should have been enthusiastic for sales of Royal Enfield motorcycles, but a strike at one of the factories may have led to a production slowdown, resulting in a slump in production of 25,000 motorcycles in September and October. Despite the workers’ strike, interest in Royal Enfield motorcycles continues to remain strong, although growth was just 1 per cent over the same month a year ago.

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In the domestic market, Royal Enfield despatched 70,044 motorcycles in October 2018, a growth of just 3 per cent. But exports were hit hard, with just 407 motorcycles exported in October. Part of the low numbers of exports is also due to the fact that Royal Enfield is also getting ready to launch the new 650 Twins, both in India and abroad. The new motorcycles, based on an all-new, air-cooled, 650 cc, parallel-twin engine, will be the mainstay of Royal Enfield’s push into export markets, including existing markets, and new markets abroad.

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The Royal Enfield 650 Twins will be launched in India on November 14

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, as well as the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 will be launched in India in November, and sales are expected to begin by December in the domestic market. For overseas markets, the 650 Twins are likely to be delayed by a couple of months till production stabilises at Royal Enfield’s plants in Chennai. In any case, the new models are expected to be priced competitively in the domestic market, so expect a lot of demand, both from existing Royal Enfield customers looking to upgrade within the family, as well as new customers looking to be part of the new Royal Enfield ‘modern classic’ models.

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