See The Rivian R1T In More Detail Here

How about a more detailed, up-close look and explanation regarding the all-new, upcoming Rivian R1T electric pickup truck?

Thankfully, our great friend Sean Mitchell has been following the Rivian launch for some time. In fact, he was in the Detroit area way back in May to get an exclusive look at Rivian’s products, and more specifically, the R1T all-electric pickup truck. Some of us at InsideEVs are local to the Detroit area, but still had to wait until recently to check out Rivian’s upcoming product line.

Sean has had to keep it quiet for over six  months now (despite the fact that some publications broke the embargo and published secret specs and information prematurely). However, since the embargo lifted this morning, he is finally able to reveal his thoughts, as well as elaborate on the specs, which were just announced today. While Sean is clear to state that he is a Tesla fan, he’s an EV fan by heart and makes a concerted effort to dive into all upcoming EV development, and we’re impressed with his work and connections. Moreover, Sean — like us — denounces all the brand fighting and negativity that seems to come with new electric vehicle announcements.

Sean will be at the official unveiling this evening, which coincides with the LA Auto Show. He hopes to post live video and then provide some insight after the event. We will be in touch with him and continuing to put out news as we receive it. For now, Sean has worked up a video presentation outlining the R1T’s specs and details to get us all pumped up. All we can say right now — and have said repeatedly in the past — is that Rivian seems to be the real deal when it comes to future EVs, and Sean seems to agree. The company has capital, big plans, a solid vision, and a working production facility. We feel the new automaker has gone about the process in a respectable manner and has incredible products to offer. We can only hope that it will all materialize as advertised.

Stay tuned as we continue to share about the R1T and also the automaker’s R1S electric SUV.

Video description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

Rivian R1T EV Pickup Truck specs are HERE!!

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