Speeding app which lets anyone clock how fast drivers are going met with fierce backlash

Jeremy Vine overtaken by speeding car whilst riding his bike

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The developers of Speedcam Anywhere have been forced into anonymity since the launch of the app, due to angry and abusive messages from drivers. The app was originally created to encourage local authorities and the police to tackle speeding drivers and protect other road users.

Speedcam Anywhere was developed through a combination of some of the UK’s top universities and experts from Silicon Valley.

The speeding app allowed local residents to document traffic crimes and keep the local community safe.

When a speeding car is approaching, a user of the service can record the vehicle as it drives past.

The app’s AI uses the vehicle’s number plate to search the DVLA’s public registration database to find the make and model of the vehicle.

It then determines the distance between the axles of the car with the footage, which helps to calculate an approximate speed.

Once the user has recorded the vehicle, they have the choice to save the video and create a report to share to the relevant authorities.

The site charges users £14.99 per 1,000 pieces of footage processed and promises to be accurate to within two percent in “pro” mode or 10 percent in “basic” mode.

This was met with intense backlash from drivers, who argued that it was a breach of privacy and crossed some ethical boundaries.

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One app user left a one star review, commenting that it produced inaccurate speeds and was badly designed. 

Kam added: “UI is poor. Doesn’t work and frankly not even necessary.”

Another, Gil Fernandes, said: “This one made me laugh. So instead of being rewarded you are actually obliged to pay for credits that are being used to catch speeders.

“I believe the developer lives in a world of his own.”

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