Swedish Mobility Startup Vässla Introduces The Pedal E-Bike

In Europe, electric bicycles have transformed the way of life of many people, especially those looking for a more sustainable and efficient way of getting around town without relying on their cars or public transport. More and more, manufacturers are veering away from the standard design of bicycles, and coming up with bold new concepts that dare to elevate electric bikes as more than just bicycles with electric motors.

A good example of this comes from Vässla, a Swedish mobility startup that wants to make the e-bike a staple in every household. Its newest creation is called the Pedal, and its purpose is as simple as its name: to provide mobility for all members of the household. Yes, a one-size-fits-all package has never been synonymous with cycling, as ergonomics is one of the most important factors in order to pedal efficiently. However, Vässla’s Pedal is designed to accommodate a wide range of riders.

Vässla claims that the Pedal’s frame incorporates a unisex design thanks to its low standover height. This was achieved by integrating the top tube and down tube into a single burly piece. Not only does it make the bike more accessible, it also cleans up its aesthetic, giving it a futuristic vibe. Furthermore, the e-bike rolls on 24-inch wheels, allowing shorter riders to hop on with ease. That being said, the Pedal is by no means a sporty, performance-oriented e-bike, but rather, one with urban mobility and accessibility in mind

As for performance, the Vässla Pedal is equipped with a 250W hub motor that offers 45 Nm of torque. Its performance, however, is limited due to European e-bike rules, and offers pedal assistance only, without a throttle. Because of this, Vässla has optimized it for range rather than speed, and has fitted it with a torque sensor. This technology optimizes the pedal assist depending on your pedal force, making for a natural-feeling assist, and an overall smoother ride. Range-wise, the Pedal’s removable battery pack is claimed to offer up to 62 miles of range, with the torque sensor contributing to this efficiency.

Last but not least, we move on to tech. Vässla has incorporated a slew of IoT features on the Pedal including a dedicated mobile app that allows you to digitally access your bike. The same app also alerts you in the event your bike is moved while parked, as well as logs all your ride data for you to analyze later on. This techie urban commuter is unsurprisingly priced at a premium of 2,990 Euros, which translates to $2,894 USD. Do note, however, that the Pedal is open for pre-order exclusively in Sweden for now. The brand has plans of making the bike available in Paris and Madrid soon, with deliveries expected to begin in March 2023.

Sources: Electrek, Vässla

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