Swindon Powertrain Will Sell You A Mini EV Convertion Kit For $11,500

It is cheaper than the £79,000 Swind E Classic Mini, but what about the battery pack?

It is probably just a coincidence that Rich Benoit bought a classic Mini recently. And that he decided to keep it as Sir Alec Issigonis intended it to be. It must also be a coincidence that he bought a modern Mini to convert it to EV with a $5,000 budget. Coincidence or not, Swindon Powertrain announced it would sell a conversion kit for the classic Mini, but it starts at £8,850 ($11,500) without taxes.

When you consider the company said it intended to sell an already converted classic Mini for  £79,000 ($102,653), the Swind Classic Mini Kit may look like a bargain. But bear in mind that the Swind E Classic Mini comes with a 24 kWh battery pack. The kit Swindon Powertrain sells is not properly a kit: it is basically the motor.