Taxi insurance in Barcelona

Taxi insurance in Barcelona is various, however, there should be a small study of which option is the best to cover all the basic and advanced needs according to the plan route you have. The following companies have years of experience in the insurance industry.

What to look for in taxi insurance

Car insurance is very similar to that of taxi, however, the latter has a regular option, that is, it can be adjustable. Most of the options that are located in Barcelona have the facility of negotiation about the policy that can occur in the event of an accident caused by the same carrier or by third parties.

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What taxi insurance is there in Barcelona?

    • Mapfre: offers an individual program for each taxi according to the route, papers in order according to the law, the type of car and any additional add-ons. Account, among other elements, with coverage for own damage to the insured car, replacement in case of total loss, civil liability against third parties not occupants of the car, personal accidents, theft of audiovisual equipment, assistance to cars and people, among other coverages.
    • AXA: it is one of the best in the whole country, and as is to be expected, in Barcelona it has three coverage plans, the first is the insurance policy for taxi is the coverage broad: in this case the three main parts are obtained, which are the material data for the insured taxi, damage to third parties due to theft and the obligation of civil liability.
    • Fala Bella Insurance: you have the option of contracting extra-contractual civil liability, damage to third parties, injury to a person or death, total loss of damage, total loss of orchard, terrorism, earthquakes and eruption volcano. They warn that all coverage does not include vehicles that exceed a defined age.
    • Banorte: its plans are intended to cover the customer, passengers and the insured vehicle. It has several coverages that can be accommodated to the contracting plan of each contract. Most of them include property damage, glass breakage, total loss of property damage, total theft, loss of account, legal assistance, which in most of them is mandatory.