Telsa Pickup Truck Rendered As Ford F-150 Raptor Competitor

The rendering puts the Tesla Pickup right into the mix with the Ford Raptor, Nissan X-Trail and Toyota Landcruiser

Yes, the rendering is rather great in showing the rugged and aggressive design cues of a filthy, warrior workhorse that can do it all. However, nobody really has any clue on what will the new pickup from the California based carmaker actually look like. If Tesla goes with an aggressive, more offroader biased personality, than this might be one of the best looking trucks that money can buy.

For the most part, the author of the rendering did an extremely interesting job. The vehicle he envisioned, comes with an elongated hood and a front door bias design wise. In turn, this makes it both muscular and stylish, thanks to the clean body lines and an impressive front fascia. Even though we might not see Tesla going with a lifted look with grappler tires, the look suits this Tesla Pickup rendering quite well. And to be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if an offroad package will be offered by the carmaker.


Currently, there are no real hardcore data on the Tesla Pickup Truck, sans from a few tidbits we’ve been hearing from time to time. For many of our readers, the main concern regarding the upcoming truck from Tesla is range and towing power. Since it’ll probably feature the newer, denser battery packs and the evolution of the current Tesla electric motors, we see neither being a problem.

Hence, a range of about 500 miles and the towing capacity in the same (maybe even better) range than the likes of the Ford Raptor, Dodge RAM, or a Toyota Landcruiser could be expected. And that, paired with the eco-friendly angle, could mean great things for this vehicle.

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