Tesla Market Cap Surpasses Daimler

Tesla’s market value is now higher than Daimler

Step-by-step Tesla becomes bigger and bigger company, which sells more cars (and more of its other products too). It is reflected by the market capitalization (share price times the number of issued shares).

Most recently, the value of Tesla exceeded the value of Daimler, despite Daimler being way bigger in terms of… everything – volume of sales, profits, history. However, not the size or current results are a determining factor in market cap.

Market cap:

  • Tesla – $63.18 billion
  • Daimler – $61.27 billion

The most important factor that influences share value is the belief of the future outcome. Tesla, as a technological company and biggest manufacturer of all-electric cars, is expected to grow strong in the future, which pulls the market value up.

This is why from a market perspective Tesla can be more valuable than Daimler, Ford or BMW.

Source: Google Finance, Electrek

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