Tesla V9 Versus V8 Software Compared: Video

InsideEVs & Motor1 Teams Up With MYEV.com To Compare Tesla’s V8 And V9 Software Updates.

The MYEV.com team was very fortunate to get their hands on two Tesla Model X SUVs at the Motorsport headquarters in sunny Miami, Florida. Aside from paint color, the two all-electric family haulers are exceedingly similar in almost every way. However, there’s one major difference that you won’t notice without having the opportunity to step inside each car.

Tesla Model X “Exhibit A” has recently received the new Tesla Software Version 9 update, while “Exhibit B” is still wearing Version 8. How do they compare? What’s new in Version 9? What are the pros and cons of each system?

Our good friend and co-worker, Clint Simone from the Motor1.com team takes you on a brief side-by-side tour of these two Teslas to answer the above questions.

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