The 40-millionth Ford F-Series truck rolls off the line –

What’s a milestone for a car nameplate? One million? Yes. Ten million? For sure! How about 40 million? Ford recently celebrated the production of its 40-millionth F-Series truck for US customers at the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan.

The landmark example you see here is a 2022 Ford F-150 Tremor in Iconic Silver, but it’s not a museum piece. After the obligatory photos, the truck headed to a customer in Texas to get to work, “because that’s what Ford trucks do”, the Blue Oval said in a photo release.

Milestones are perfect excuses to wheel out the old timer for a photo op, just to illustrate how far it has come, and the OG here is a 1950 Ford F-1. Ford actually began production of first-generation F-Series trucks 75 years ago, in 1947. The Ford F-1, F-2, F-3 and F-4 went on sale in 1948. First-generation production spanned from 1948 to 1950.

This is not the only landmark for America’s favourite vehicle, and the others are also in the forties. The F-Series has 45 years as America’s best-selling truck and 40 years as the outright best-selling vehicle in the country. What’s next for the Ford F-Series? Electric, of course. Check out the F-150 Lightning via the link and pics below.

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