The Nakamura E-Summit SUV Is A Rugged Jack-Of-All-Trades E-Bike

In a similar fashion as to how crossovers are gaining popularity in the car world, all-terrain hybrid bikes are also building up a lot of steam in the e-bike world. Who wouldn’t love an e-bike that can do it all? From taking you to school or work on the daily, to hauling some groceries on the way home, and having enough left in the bag to take you on an off-road excursion on the weekend, today’s hybrid e-bikes can pretty much do it all.

This is made even better by the ultra-attractive deals on some models. Take, for example, the E-Summit SUV e-bike from Nakamura, a Japanese-sounding brand that’s actually based in France. As the name suggests, the E-Summit SUV is, well, an SUV-turned-e-bike capable of riding up some really steep mountains. It’s described as a VTC, or a Vélo Tout Chemin, which translates to “hybrid bike for all roads.” That said, it’s clear to see why this is the case.

The Nakamura E-Summit SUV is equipped with quite the burly setup, and will surely inspire confidence in riders in both on and off-road scenarios. Starting off with the frame, this aluminum unit features similar geometry as that of trail-focused hardtail mountain bikes. Complete with a sloping downtube for a lowered standover height, as well as a rather slack head angle, it’s clear that this practical two-wheeler has the chops to take on some technical off-road terrain.

While we’re on the topic of off-road acumen, the E-Summit SUV gets a rather beefy suspension fork complete with 130 millimeters of suspension travel. A suspension seat post gives the rider a cushy ride on rough terrain, too. It rolls on 27.5-inch wheels shod in 2.1-inch wide Hutchinson Python 2 hybrid rubber. On the practical side of things, the Summit SUV is decked out with a rear luggage rack and full-coverage fenders as standard.

On the performance side of the equation, the Nakamura E-Summit SUV is packing a high-torque Naka E-Power Max mid-drive motor. This setup is rated at 100 Newton-meters of torque, providing confidence-inspiring climbing power. As for battery tech, the bike is equipped with a frame-integrated, 460-watt-hour battery pack that should be good for anywhere between 50 to 60 miles of range on a single charge, provided you stick it on Eco Mode. A nine-speed drivetrain allows riders to pedal seamlessly alongside the electric motor.

Initially, Nakamura launched the E-Summit SUV for a price of 1,999.99 Euros, or about $2,157 USD. However, it appears that the bike is on sale for just 1,699.99 Euros, or about $1,833 USD, available online and in-store via Intersport. It’s offered in just one brown colorway, and comes in sizes S, M, and L.

Sources: Clean Rider, Intersport

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