The VW ID.3 Is Not About Pioneering Technology: It's About Scale

An Autocar op-ed says the ID.3 may be too late, but what about massive production numbers?

In September 2019, we published an article comparing the VW ID.3 with the Renault K-ZE to check which one would be the EV for the masses. At that point, we still did not realize something an article at Autocar reminded us of: the electric Volkswagen is neither the cheapest nor the more efficient EV on the market. It also does not lead in terms of technology. How, then, will VW make it become the electric Beetle? The answer to that is scale.

It took us the start of deliveries for the ID.3, the presentation of the ID.4, and the first documented accidents with the electric Volkswagen to realize the German company’s plan, even if the German automaker had anticipated it more than once.