This BMW E36 '330d' Is A Diesel Drift Machine

This year, we’ve had awesome fun turning an E46 330d Touring into an E92 M3-beating brute. Although a diesel wagon isn’t the obvious starting point for a track weapon, there’s no arguing with the results.

But we’re certainly not the only ones to see potential in modifying BMW diesels. This love-it-or-hate-it, oil-burning E36 BMW 3-series is an absolute monster that simply loves to drift. We’ve no doubt its thumping 545lb ft torque figure makes pushing the rear out joyously easy.

It’s had an engine transplant, receiving the same ‘M57’ straight-six diesel engine that’s fitted to our 330d. It’s been given a hybrid turbocharger, E60 injectors, a new intercooler and much more besides, bumping the power to about 340bhp.

It’s called ‘WrongE36’, but so far, we’re only finding things right with it…

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