This Porsche 911 GT3 'Ring Crash Is Downright Terrifying

A word of warning: the video above may cause you to wince rather hard. Taken at the Schwedenkreuz complex of the Nordschleife, it shows the moment this 996 Porsche 911 GT3 driver braked just after the crest – having seen a yellow flag – throwing the back end of the car out.

The car soon makes contact with a barrier, and at that point, it’s clear the driver knows he’s a passenger. He takes his hands off the wildly spinning steering wheel to avoid further injury, waiting for the chaos to stop.

Thankfully, he was uninjured in the dramatic wreck – which sent the flag-waving marshal darting away from the barrier – although the 996 GT3 was predictably looking rather worse for wear.

Some YouTube commenters questioned why the brakes weren’t applied as the car started to spin (or as the rule’s known: ‘when in a spin, both feet in’). In the video above, the driver replied to one user, saying:

“I went off the brake and on the gas pedal after the rear locked, to try to take it back. After hitting the barrier I kept the foot where it had grip, on the floor, it was no option to try to find the brake pedal at that moment. For the last meters I could have pushed the brake again, but it didn’t stike [sic] me really, I didn’t even excpect [sic] the front wheels to still be turning. Anyway the brake fluid was leaking, so not sure if it would´ve made any difference.”

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