Three quarters of UK car owners can’t do basic maintenance tasks like changing a tyre

Martin Lewis reveals how to get a 'really cheap' MOT test

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A survey done of 2,000 British drivers revealed that a staggering three in four (76 percent) Brits admit to struggling with performing car maintenance tasks.

The research, done by comparison site found a worrying lack of confidence in doing even the simplest jobs.

Changing a tyre was found to be one of the most unnerving tasks, with an estimated 11 million drivers admitting they would not feel confident trying it.

This was closely followed by doing an oil change (24 percent) and checking the brake fluid level (21 percent).

Even checking the tyre tread wasn’t something that 13 percent of drivers would want to try.

However, the data showed drivers aged 55 and over are significantly more confident when conducting car maintenance.

Fewer than one in ten (6 percent) of those aged 17 to 24 said they felt confident carrying out all necessary car maintenance compared to almost two in five (37 percent) motorists aged 55 and over.

Alex Hasty, director at told exclusively: “Three in four drivers don’t feel confident carrying out maintenance tasks including changing a tyre or checking their oil.

“All drivers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is well maintained and kept in a roadworthy condition.

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“If you are faced with car maintenance tasks that you are unable to complete yourself, it is essential that you seek professional support as soon as possible.

Failing to keep your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition can not only invalidate your car insurance but could also land you with a fine of up to £2,500 and three points on your licence.”

The site also put together tips when using a professional to help with car maintenance:

Take time to research
By conducting a quick internet search, you should be able to get a brief estimate of roughly how much each service should cost, giving you a ballpark figure.

Find a second opinion
If you have received a quote that is more than you anticipated after researching the service, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. This can help give you a figure to benchmark against to ensure the original estimate is correct.

Always discuss the price prior to a service
To avoid any hidden surprises when it comes to your car maintenance bill, it is important to get a rough cost estimate before the service is carried out. Having a written estimate ensures you have something to hold the person conducting the work accountable to.

Conduct background research on the garage
With a quick internet search, you should be able to read reviews that have been posted for garages, so you can see what experiences previous customers have had.

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