TikTok user finds hidden button that makes everyday job easy and quick

A TikTok user has shared an interesting feature on trucks that could help drivers load goods into the bed.

Performance Toyota is a car dealership in Pennsylvania that regularly posts short videos about hidden features found in the vehicles they sell.

In one of their most popular videos, Performance Toyota demonstrated that there is a secret way in which owners of the Tundra pickup can open the tailgate.

In the video, we see an employee at the dealership unlock the vehicle and press a button on the side of the left-hand rear light.

As soon as it was pressed, the electric tailgate quickly opened, giving the employee quick access to the Tundra’s large bed.

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Many modern vehicles feature electric tailgates, often requiring owners to press a button or engage a sensor to give them access to the trunk.

They can be incredibly helpful to vehicle owners who are too short to open the tailgate manually or for those carrying heavy goods to put into the car.

Whilst some experts suggest that the feature is not worth it on smaller models that have a lighter tailgate, the feature is considered a must on larger models.

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Asking “Who knew about the Tundra’s secret button?”, Performance Toyota received many comments from viewers who were impressed at the little-known feature.

One person commented: “They’re just mad, this truck will last forever and cost less to maintain.”

Another added: “I ordered my army green limited TRD 4×4 last week.”

In another video, Performance Toyota also noted that the Tundra features four hidden compartments to help keep goods safe.

Whilst one compartment was located within the centre console, in between the two front seats, the other three can be found at the back of the cab, behind the rear passengers.

These storage compartments can easily be accessed by folding down the backs of the rear seats and folding the bottom of the bench upwards.

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