UltraTRX Presents An Interesting Active Regeneration System For E-Bikes

Unlimited range, either through some magical power source, or a means to recharge your battery whilst on the go, seems to be the elixir of youth in the EV world. Indeed, battery technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, and the batteries of today are more efficient and energy-dense than they’ve ever been. On top of that, an EV battery, especially smaller ones on e-bikes and scooters, can be charged in as little as 25 minutes.

While all the developments in the world of battery tech are indeed impressive, we’ve yet to reach the tipping point where batteries can be charged at a rate faster than they can be consumed, theoretically granting unlimited range. However, this hasn’t stopped companies from putting their thinking caps on and building a myriad of energy regeneration systems. 

Take, for example, the GenerTRX system from UltraTRX. Now, UltraTRX is a brand you may be familiar with, as it recently unveiled its absolutely bonkers King E-Cheetah with more than 18,000 watts of power to its disposal. This time around, UltraTRX is putting the absurdity into something that may actually have wide, real-world benefits. As you can see from the image above, this tiny device which mounts onto a bike’s brake rotor, is essentially what comprises the GenerTRX. With this system, UltraTRX mounts a coil filled with magnets to the bike’s brake rotor.

Essentially, the system acts in a similar fashion as to how an alternator would generate current on a car or motorcycle. The coils found inside the caliper-shaped structure generate AC power, while a circuit board acts as a rectifier to convert the power into DC, allowing it to eventually make its way to the battery for storage. It’s interesting to note that according to UltraTRX, the system may produce between 30 percent and 50 percent greater range than your battery could provide on its own.

More specifically, at an average speed of 10 miles per hour, you can produce around 2-amp-hours of power with two rotors installed—one on each wheel. This is a fairly relaxed pace, even when it comes to non-electrically assisted bikes, and theoretically speaking, as long as your wheels are turning, the system is generating electricity.

Sure, this doesn’t exactly mean that your bike all of a sudden has “unlimited range,” but it does extend its range, while allowing you to charge your bike while on the go. Of course, we have yet to see this concept tech make its way to the real world. When it does, we’ll be eagerly waiting to see if it can provide the real-world results UltraTRX is claiming. 

Sources: Autoevolution, UltraTRX

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