Updated Aston Martin Vantage Spied Driving In The Rain

After seeing the updated Aston Martin Vantage Roadster earlier in May, we are now getting a great look at the coupe variant. In some of the pics, you can see it in a downpour.

It still appears that the revised Vantage is more of a refresh than an all-new model. There are clear styling differences from the current one, but the overall proportions don’t seem to change much.

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In front, the Vantage adopts a new grille with a rounder outline than the current one. The headlights now go up the nose, rather the the existing, more horizontal layout. The bulge in the hood is gone in favor of a smoother design

In profile, the changes are less significant. The silohouette doesn’t change. The prominent crease through the middle of the door is still part of the design. This one rides on black wheels with seven pairs of spokes.

At the back, there are now outlets on the outer edges of the rear fenders. The exhaust outlets look a bit different.

Inside, the Vantage reportedly adopts a new infotainment system. The current one comes from Mercedes-Benz.

We expect the Vantage to continue to use a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. In the current F1 Edition, the mill makes 527 horsepower and 505 pound-feet. It’s possible that Aston Martin could raise the output for the revised model.

We don’t know when the updated Vantage debuts, but Aston Martin has a busy year ahead. On May 24, the next-gen DB model arrives, which the brand teases as “no mere GT. Grand is not enough.”

Later this summer, Aston will announce details about its first fully electric vehicle. The model will go on sale in 2025.

“You will see the cars this summer that are going to take us through our combustion story, our hybrid story, and take us through our plans for electrification,” said Aston Martin Chairman Lawrence Stroll during an earnings call. “It will be a real clear vision of the journey I’ve been building for the last three years.”

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