Urtopia Unleashes The Stylish And Practical Chord City E-Bike

In 2022, Hong Kong-based e-bike startup Urtopia dazzled with an unusual carbon e-bike that stood out thanks to its floating frame design and smart technology. Now the brand is bringing its clean styling to the urban segment with its newest e-bike dubbed the Chord.

Urtopia touts the Chord as the next big thing when it comes to designer e-bikes. While it is indeed a practical city commuter, it’s also a lifestyle piece, and a device that incorporates cutting-edge technology. The Urtopia features an aluminum frame made in a very unique method for the smoothest and sleekest possible aesthetic. The frame is constructed with a sophisticated liquid forging method rather than regular welding.

Urtopia designed the frame to be slightly curved, similar to the Carbon 1. The Chord does, however, miss out on the floating seat tube. Overall, the Chord’s design is said to be heavily influenced by the piano. This is characterized by the battery, which is interestingly housed in the top tube. The power unit is finished in gloss black, and contrasts sharply with the white frame – mimicking the keys of a piano. Again, the contrast of black and white can be found on the wheels, where a white pinstripe adorns the edge of the rim, and so, too, with the black saddle and cockpit against the white frame. 

On the performance side of the story, the Chord is akin to that of most European-spec electric bicycles in that it has a 250-watt hub motor in compliance with e-bike rules and regulations. It’s good for a top speed of 15 miles per hour (25 kilometers per hour), thanks to a 45-Newton-meter torque output. Meanwhile, the battery has a total capacity of 360 watt-hours, which should be good for about 75 miles (120 kilometers) on a single charge. 

The new Chord, like the Urtopia Carbon 1, has an impressive array of smart technology features. These include  an on-board computer, matrix LED, GPS, and eSIM, as well as speech recognition. The bike also comes with a GPS system and Bluetooth speaker pre-installed. Furthermore, the anti-theft technology is factory-installed, incorporating fingerprint unlocking and GPS tracking to locate the e-bike in the event of theft – or if you just forgot where you parked. Additionally, if the bike is moved without permission, the motion sensor will sound an alarm.

In addition to the smart technology, the e-bike comes with an optional front and rear luggage rack. It also has high-quality hardware including Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a Shimano 8-speed drivetrain, and a StVZO-compliant lighting system. A torque sensor precisely manages the rear motor, providing a seamless and natural pedal assist. 

The e-bike can now be ordered through Urtopia’s website, with pricing beginning at $2,464 USD (2,299.99 Euros). Given the features, the price tag is pretty impressive. However, t o sweeten the deal even more, the Chord is available at an early bird promotional price of $1,714 USD (1,599.99 Euros). When buying from Urtopia’s official website, enter the code “CHORD700” to redeem the discount (linked below).

Sources: E-Bike News, Urtopia

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