Volkswagen Rules Out Hydrogen Passenger Cars, Will Focus On EVs Instead

Volkswagen will stay away from making hydrogen-powered passenger cars in the next decade and will focus its efforts on further developing EV technology. The statements come from the brand’s CEO, Thomas Schafer, who spoke to the Spanish division of AutoBild at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The German exec told the publication that hydrogen has some big disadvantages compared to battery technology and that it’s not for Volkswagen, at least not in the next ten years:

“It’s not competitive, especially not for passenger cars, the tanks take up space in the cabin. Maybe for commercial vehicles, but not in the passenger car. So, I don’t see this happening in this decade. Not at Volkswagen,” Schafer told AudiBild Spain.

Volkswagen seems to have a very loyal customer base, with more and more people wishing to switch from internal combustion-engined cars to electric vehicles, with global sales in 2022 going down by 7 percent, but with good numbers on the EV front.

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