Volkswagen small pick-up concept teased, Brazil debut

Volkswagen already has a credible entry in the pick-up segment with the Amarok, but the company will be expanding its portfolio with a new, smaller model, which will debut in concept form at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show on November 6.

Wolfsburg has remained mum on the details, but confirmed that it would slot under the Amarok in its lineup. Unlike its ladder-frame sibling, the new model will be based on the modular MQB passenger car platform and will likely share various components with the Tiguan SUV.

A key feature is the “multivariable” loading area, which incorporates a folding rear panel in the cab section to extend the bed into the cab, allowing the transport of longer items. Such a system was last seen on the Chevrolet Avalanche, which was discontinued in 2013.

The show truck will preview a production version in the near future, which will arrive in the market with just a “few minor tweaks.” Although it’s only been confirmed for the Brazilian market, the company said that the new pick-up could be offered in other regions as well, such is its potential.

Another MQB pick-up concept was shown in New York earlier this year – the Atlas Tanoak, derived from the larger Atlas seven-seater SUV.

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