Volta Charging Points To Deliver Critical Community Announcements

Advertiser-sponsored AC charging station network becomes helpful for emergency messaging.

Earlier this month, Volta Charging announced the Volta Response System, envisioned for local officials to broadcast important public safety alerts.

The company operates a network of over 1,100 free, sponsor-supported, electric vehicle charging stations, equipped with high-resolution digital displays for ads. When COVID-19 hit, the company developed a new service for displaying dynamic safety alerts to the local community. It might be quite helpful in the future.

At first, the Volta Response System was deployed in Huntington Beach, California in April 2020.

“The Volta Response System was first deployed in Huntington Beach, Calif., where Volta’s team worked closely with city officials and first responders to kick-off the program. It was launched quickly and at no cost to taxpayers to help them educate their community about COVID-19. The system is designed to be turnkey, and easily activated at the request of first responders and health officials.”

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